About Us

Global Resources (MM2H) Sdn Bhd(环源马来西亚您的第二家园), is one of the wholly owned subsidiary of Origen Group, under the protection of Origen Group, this company has been develop rapidly. Our team has successfully helped hundred families to apply for the second home, and not received any rejection from the MM2H department yet. Companies adhere to give the best services to customers as their first philosophy; they give fully concern on the needs of the customers and give comprehensive services to the customers. While applying the second home, our team will also give fully support and professional information to the customers on real estate, education, investment management, car purchases and other aspects.Global Resources (MM2H) Sdn Bhd is a company that authorized by Malaysia government, it’s responsible is to promote Malaysia My Second Home program to the foreigners. Through the MM2H program, foreigners that successfully applied are able to enjoy free multiple entries into Malaysia for 10 years, and extra offer for living and having holidays in Malaysia. In addition applicant are also able to get treatment same as Malaysian citizens.

Over the years, by assisting a number of MM2H applicants, GR has gained some significant experiences

A. Has successfully helped hundred MM2H applicants to earn achievements in all aspects in Malaysia, and help them to live in their dream homes.
B. Close partnership with government agencies, GR has a strong and powerful relationship with government.
C. Our professional attitude, has gained trust from customers, partners, real estate agents and travel agencies as well as bank.

While promoting MM2H program, it has obtained a win-win cooperation situation. GR’s networks in the Asia Pacific Region have helped GR Company to become co-property developers, real estate and entrepreneurs. It also a great resource to help GR to build up a potential international market and brand.